Siberian larch round Briquet
We produce high quality Siberian larch lath round briquet (8-12 cm in length and 5,5 cm diameter) . Wood briquette is natural and nature-friendly heating source without containing additives. The compressed briquettes are held together by a natural tree contained in the adhesive, including a very high density. Briquettes have less storage space than usual, for example, firewood. Including this, wood briquettes do not crumble.
Siberian larch briquette gives 20% more heat than a regular pine or spruce briquette.

Why to choose wood briquette, what are the advantages in front of regular firewood?

The high calorific value is several times higher than the normal pool heating (1 ton = 6 larch wood briquette space for dry wood)
Burns at a high temperature, and almost without ashes, which significantly reduces maintenance costs for heating.
Suitable for burning in most boilers, stoves, fireplaces and furnaces.
Saves space.

Packed in 25 kg packages on euro pallet. 1 ton= 40 packages